Top 10 Questions to Ask a Solar Panel Technician Before Installing Solar Panels

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Arizona has enough solar installations to power almost 1.2 million homes. It isn’t surprising that more homeowners and businesses are making the change. The state enjoys over 300 sunny days every year. Solar panels are a substantial investment. However, they eventually pay for themselves through tax credits and other incentives. Customers also see a significant reduction in their […]

How to Clean Rooftop Solar Panels

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During the last decade, solar energy has grown by more than 22 percent. There are now more than 179 gigawatts of solar capacity installed in the United States.  Solar panels need access to the sun’s rays to convert them into energy. As panels accumulate dirt, dust, and debris, this reduces their effectiveness. To avoid this, it […]

8 Tips for Hiring Solar Installers in Tucson, AZ

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Over the last decade, solar power has grown at an average rate of 22 percent. This is due to many factors, including strong government incentives and significant advancements in solar technology.  With more people installing solar panels, the market has responded with a proliferation of solar installation companies. There are lots to choose from, and […]

Maximizing Solar Efficiency: How Often to Clean Solar Panels

how often to clean solar panels

Solar power is experiencing a meteoric rise! With 15.9% of electricity generated by renewable sources in 2022, compared to just 13.5% the year before, solar panels are becoming a popular choice for eco-conscious homeowners. But with this exciting transition comes a crucial question: how often to clean solar panels for optimal performance? After all, keeping […]

Sustainable Living Guide: How Solar Panels Can Help Save the Planet

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A single hour of sunlight that hits the earth is enough to meet global energy needs for an entire year? Yet, harnessing this abundant resource to power our lives is a puzzle we’re only beginning to solve efficiently. As the world awakens to the realities of climate change and the pressing need to reduce carbon […]

Zero Down Solar: Making the Switch to Renewable Energy Has Never Been Easier

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In the heart of Tucson, AZ, where the sun generously bestows its rays nearly every day of the year, the potential for solar energy is a goldmine waiting to be tapped. With it, you can harness this abundant natural resource to power your home, reduce your carbon footprint, and significantly lower your energy bills. It’s a […]